Satellite weather images on PDA
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High resolution satellite images of weather

Now, using program WXtoImg, we almost ready to receive images with very high resolution (1 km) on the frequency 1.66 GHz, but we have a problem which we try to solve Е.

What is the problem ?

On the way to this goal we passed few milestones :

•  It was necessary to make the converter, which can convert frequency 1.66 GHz to appropriate value. We solve it, p-c board ready, remain to assemble converter itself, which is not a problem.

•  Signal decoder is not a problem at all, there are plenty of sites which provide the necessary programs. For example :

Main problem, for now, is converter the device, which will turn the satellite dish following satellite. It is very important that this device will compatible with the program WXtoImg, which allows to it to manage the satellite dish.

It is very expensive to buy that device in the shop and absolutely impossible to buy second-hand device.

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