Satellite weather images on PDA
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To receive signals from NOAA satellite you have make some preparations :

Х  Buy or make by yourself Quadrifilar Antenna

I made antenna by myself. Complete step-by-step manual of creation Quadrifilar Antenna with photos of each stage here. It costs about 20$ and time.

Х Buy or make by yourself the receiver

I bought receiver AR3000A, upgraded to AR3000A+. Complete manual for upgrading AR3000A, recommended by vendor. Expenses Ц 320 USD for receiver, which I bought on the second-hand market and 5$ for upgrade. You can buy specialized receiver, for example, here:

Х  Install the software

I choose WXtoImg software. You can download it for free here: (Size ~7.47MB). Here you can see detailed overview of this software.

Good luck!



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