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Decoding NOAA RAW images

NOAA satellites transfers to the Earth big value of helpful and information, so images you can see here really is small part of received information. It is impossible to display complete set of information only on images because of technical reason.

To analyze all of received data, you have to process it by WXtoImg program or program like that. There you can see coordinates (longitude and latitude), the temperature in any point of Earth or ocean. You can easily find any place, interesting for you, or your own place. Finally you can decode source file as you wish and receive different kind of final images.

From where you can obtain the source file, as you have not receiver and antenna? Ц We can help you !

The satellite, when it passed over our receive station, remain for us audio file, which has size about 15.5 Mb. After primary processing we get the RAW file, which has size about 4.5 Mb and which we can provide for you and which can be used by WXtoImg program.

You need also the MAP file (1.4 Mb). This file responsible for coordinates.

You can download only , decode it and analyze result. If result will be unappropriate, delete all the decoded files, download MAP file and repeat decoding.

We will place files once per day, if it will be necessary for people and if provider will not restrict our traffic, we promise to place after each satellite pass.

If you are interested follow the instruction :


1. Download and install WXtoImg program
2. Download RAW file ( 4.72 ћб, 28.02.2024 11:31)
3. Download MAP file ( 1.39 ћб, 28.02.2024 11:31)
4. Follow the instruction for opening RAW and MAP files.


We are very interested in your feedback about this service. If is seem to you necessary and helpful be not hesitated to say your opinion.

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